Planmeca FIT System

Planmeca CAD/CAM Systems for Dentists

Same-day dentistry solutions for all your restorative needs

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Planmeca FIT®

This cost-effective milling solution allows you to quickly and efficiently deliver crowns, inlays, onlays, veneers, and 3‑unit bridges.

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Planmeca FIT® Plus

With this complete solution practitioners can scan, design, and produce full arch restorations, custom titanium abutments, dentures, night guards, and up to 25 crowns in a single disc practically eliminating their lab fees.

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Transform your practice with a full Planmeca CAD/CAM workflow

No more messy impressions, frustrating temporaries, or waiting weeks for restorations. Your patients will appreciate the convenient experience and you'll enjoy the ability to do more in-house including the flexibility to mill everything from zirconia, lithium disilicate, temporary materials and much more!
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Planmeca Emerald® S

Superior accuracy and hyper-speed image capture in one lightweight, easy to use unit.
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Shade Assist technology

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Replaceable scanner cable

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Open architecture for easy collaboration

Design Software

A versatile selection of software options to fit all user needs and skill levels. Depending on whether you want to scan digital impressions and collaborate with external partners or carry out the entire restorative workflow chairside, our tools for CAD/CAM dentistry will support you every step of the way.
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Romexis® CAD/CAM

  • Design single crowns, inlays, onlays, veneers, and up to 3‑unit bridges
  • Automatic saving while scanning and designing
  • User friendly designing with automatic design proposal
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PlanCAD® Premium

  • Full range of indications—from a single crown to a full arch restoration, custom titanium abutments, wax‑ups, night guards, complete dentures, and more
  • Ability to import, export, and edit various file formats without any restrictions
  • Built‑in wizards make it simple to follow to create high‑end restorations
Planmeca milling units are a fusion of high-performance technology and durable milling components capable of milling a broad range of materials ideal for single-visit dentistry.

PlanMill® 60 S Disc/Block Mill

  • Mill single crown in a block to full arch restoration in a disc, custom titanium abutments, dentures, and more
  • 5‑axis chairside unit with lab capabilities for high production
  • Wet or dry milling
  • Broad range of material
  • C‑clamp adapter for more detailed milling
  • Automatic bur changer for 10 tools
  • Compatible with all 98mm and 98.5mm discs up to 25mm thick

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Planmeca Cariosity tip and the PlanMill 60 S are not currently available in Canada.